Hello Broadway Terrace Residents,

This week has seen a lot of news and conversations about COVID-19.  Central to all this has been the significant increase in positive cases.  As the Chief Medical Officer of Health has reminded us, now is the time to make changes to what we have been doing.  

Effective immediately, there are only two places you do not have to wear a mask at Broadway Terrace:

  • in your suite
  • while you are at your table eating in the Atrium. 

Everywhere else you go in Broadway Terrace requires you to wear mask.  There will be no exceptions.

Other things you can do to keep COVID-19 out of Broadway Terrace include:

  • Dramatically reduce the number of visitors coming to you.  The fewer people coming into Broadway Terrace, the safer it will be.
  •  Reduce the amount of times you leave Broadway Terrace.
  • If you absolutely must leave Broadway Terrace, sanitize your hands on the way out and on the way back in.  Once back up in your suite, change your clothes and have a bath or shower.
  • Keep 2 metres distance between yourself and others.

This is a serious issue that requires each of us to treat it seriously.  We do not have the luxury to think COVID-19 will not get into Broadway Terrace.  What we do have is the power to take individual actions that will protect everyone.  

Please be safe, be careful and take care of yourself and your neighbors.


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