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Where you will never be a stranger
Where you will never be alone
It’s where memories are made
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Eden Care Communities respectfully acknowledges that our homes, program space and offices are located on the territories of Indigenous peoples who have occupied these lands since time immemorial, including Treaty 4 (Regina and Moose Jaw), Treaty 6 (Saskatoon), as well as other non-Treaty First Nations and Metis.

These lands will continue to host many nations from all directions arriving by land, air, and water. All inhabitants are responsible to each other, to the land, to the resources and to Treaty 4 and 6 as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the river flows.

We recognize that we benefit from the lands. We are dedicated to ensuring that the spirit of reconciliation is honoured and respected.


Our goal is to offer opportunities for individuals of all ages to live their best life – a life worth living with meaning, purpose and choice.

This is the core of our philosophy of care and support. The person being supported is at the centre of it all.

This is the Eden Alternative®. We believe very person of every age can grow and learn.

It’s about creating a human habitat where life revolves around close and continuing contact with plants, animals, children and music.

Combating Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom

The plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom affect all ages. For older
persons, these plagues can be devastating to their quality of life. Our philosophy of
support and care strives to ensure every day is filled with opportunities to eliminate
helplessness, loneliness and boredom.

We create the space for individuals of all ages to live their best life – a life worth living with meaning, purpose and choice. This is done through the provision of housing and care (long-term care, childcare, assisted living, supportive housing, supportive independent living and home care). Our community-based care and support model is integrated, intergenerational, inclusive and innovative.


Domains of Well-Being

When you move in, you have the opportunity to learn about the 7 domains of well-being as defined by the Eden Alternative®. Your care and support is based on your needs. The 7 domains are: Identity, Growth, Autonomy, Security, Connectedness, Meaning, and Joy.

7 Domains of Well-Being

Identity – being well-known, having person-hood, individuality, wholeness, having a history.

Growth – development, enrichment, unfolding, expanding, evolving.

Autonomy – liberty, self-governance, self-determination, immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority, choice, freedom.

Security – freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear, safe, certain, assured, having privacy, dignity and respect.

Connectedness – state of being connected, alive, belonging, engaged, involved, not detached, connected to the past, present and future, connected to personal possessions, connected to place, connected to nature.

Meaning – significance, heart, hope, import, value, purpose, reflection, sacred

Joy – happiness, pleasure, delight, contentment, enjoyment.

Find a Home for You

Support and care is provided in a respectful, caring, compassionate and supportive manner.

Every person is a person of worth. A person who has choices. A person that matters.


At the centre of all initiatives and interactions is helping individuals of all ages live their best life – a life worth living with meaning, purpose and choice.

Everyone is welcome at Eden Care Communities. From six weeks of age to over 100 years, there is room for everyone. From child care to end of life care and nearly everything in between, we are here to support you on your journey.


Eden Care Communities is a registered, Canadian charity. Your donation makes it possible to provide the best possible care and support.

You can help by making a donation, volunteering or joining our team of Care Partners.

Our Foundation is here to help you with a variety of fundraising opportunities including the Grateful Family program and leaving a gift in your will.

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