On March 16, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) announced an investment of over $1M to support interdisciplinary research teams to develop, implement and evaluate virtual care approaches to many of the health care challenges our province faces.

Eden Care Communities was part of that announcement!

Our CareOnDemand app is the recipient of a $50,000 Innovation Grant.  The research team is led by three researchers from the U of R:  Principal Investigator is Ramona Kyabaggu (PhD Candidate); Co-Principal Investigators are Cheryl Camillo, PhD and Tim Maciag, PhD; Eden Care Communities Team Members are Michelle Zulyniak, Community Life Coordinator, and Bill Pratt, Chief Relationship, Research & Innovation Officer at Eden Care Communities.

This research will explore how an online ordering tool can enhance aging in place.  Within that broad objective, the research will investigate a solution that enables more delightful virtual care experiences for home care users in Saskatchewan. Further investigation will look at the role of the Care Partner in the execution of the app, and how data flows, is shared and is protected within the larger scope of the e-Health system.

The grants were awarded as part of SHRF’s new Solutions Program that aims to mobilize the research community and its partners to focus and coordinate their diverse skills and perspectives to address timely Saskatchewan health challenges.

Quotes from Others

Alan Stephen, CEO, Eden Care Communities

“We are thrilled to be part of this exceptional research initiative. With this generous support from SHRF, we will be able to further develop this important component of the future of home care.  We know home care is vital and this funding will position us to lead the way to better care and support in the future.  This research initiative aligns with our Innovation Journey to provide the best possible care and support.”

Patrick Odnokon, CEO, SHRF

“This program allows for flexibility and responsiveness and keeps Saskatchewan health needs at its core.  We work with our partner and stakeholders’ input and look at current trends to ensure the program remains focused on supporting our local expertise to find local solutions in areas that will have the most impact for the most people in the province.”

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